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September 21, 2018    
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- VantageBiz Products -

VantageBiz is proud of the products it has developed over the years. What makes our products unique is the ability to meet our customers every need and requirements. Our products came into existence because of our current clients, they educated us of their needs and we developed. Therefore, our products have already built into them every possible situation. Not only that, our products are 100% customizable so we can customize them to meet your requirements. Also, not only our products are customizable but easy to use and secure. We take security very seriously, security is always considered from the beginning, not as a patch after the vulnerability has been exposed. Therefore, it gives our clients a piece of mind, piece of comfort and always a secure product, wheatear it is an Alert Messaging System (AMS) or an Secure E-Voting (SEV).

Our products are platform (Operating System) and database independent. Therefore, you don't have to buy extra hardware or software to utilize the greatness of our products. Also, our products have thin clients and come with an excellent easy to read documentations. Plus, our products come with the state of the art training from VantageBiz experts at your site for your convenience and one-year maintenance.

The thinking, research and technologies behind the results, that's how we would like to describe our products and we are sure you would agree too. For a demo at your site, call us at (703) 627-5822.

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