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September 21, 2018    
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- Why VantageBiz -

In today's business every decision counts. You've got many duties and responsibilities. You need a solutions provider that you can rely on when business needs to be done, someone that can provide cost-effective high quality, innovative, reliable secure solutions and services.

VantageBiz has been known for providing those qualities. Our goal at VantageBiz is to be your trusted and reliable source of technical and professional services. We want to build relationships with our clients. We are not just here to finish your project and then leave the nightmare of maintenance to you; rather, we are here to be your long-term partner to help you in every aspect of your project - from design to maintenance. Some of the advantages are:

  • Cost effective: Most of the cost for acquiring a new technology comes from labor, not hardware. We can lower this cost because we don't have a load of overhead. We are a small business, so we don't transfer unnecessary cost to you that the "big guys" do. Furthermore, we use open-source technology whenever possible. Open-source technology is well tested by a large user group and easily extensible because the source code is available to us. And because a whole community of experienced programmers is working on it, security holes are discovered and fixed more rapidly. In fact, the U.S. government is using open source technologies because it has been proven secure. We use open-source technology to lower our cost and ultimately your cost.
  • Security: With so many Operating System holes and Software weakness, a hacker can successfully cause great financial set backs to an organization. Therefore, security is becoming increasingly important. At VantageBiz, we recognize the magnitude of having the comfort of knowing your system is safe. Most companies add a security patch towards the end of a project. Those products are vulnerable to security holes, and therefore, are not best suited to protect sensitive information. Our solution, on the other hand, comes with security checks built into our code that are planned and designed from the beginning of the project, never as an afterthought. Our goal to build secure systems and software is carried out by every engineer at VantageBiz.
  • Direct communication: All of our founders come from a software development background. Therefore, we want to spare you of the indirect and often over-optimistic sales pitch by allowing the developers to directly talk with our clients. We want to give you an accurate time and cost estimate, not vague and empty promises.

There are so many advantages of doing business with VantageBiz. We are sure that if you choose VantageBiz today, we can provide a solution that meets your goals and needs, paving the way to meet your full potentials in the future. That is our goal, and that is why we know you will come back to us in the future.

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